Occitan and Occitania

  • Macarel: www.macarel.org/  Click here to open the site in English in a new window (http://www.DocTranslate.com). Click here to open the site in French in a new window (http://www.macarel.org/).
    Dedicated to the promotion of Occitan and Occitania through symbols.Flags, tee-shirts, key-rings, stickers, etc for sale.
  • Òc per Occitana http://www.occitan-oc.org/ Click here to open the site in English in a new window (http://www.DocTranslate.com). Click here to open http://www.occitan-oc.org/ in a new window.
    Club for the promotion of Occitan, English version of the site to follow. Lots of useful links ("ligams").
  • Ostal d'Occitània - Maison de l'Occitanie http://www.ostaldoccitania.net/ Click here to open http://www.ostaldoccitania.net/ in a new window.
    Seat of CONVERGÉNCIA OCCITANA, an umbrella organisation for dozens of organisations dedicated to the promotion of Occitan culture in Toulouse and throughout Occitania.
  • http://occitanie.org/
  • http://www.macarel.org/
  • http://www.chambradoc.it/chambradochome.page
  • http://www.toulangues.org/dossiers/dossiers.php?val=82_l+occitan
  • www.radio-occitania.com/
  • http://oklahoccitania.canalblog.com/archives/subjects_in_english/index.html
  • http://ok-oc.info/
  • http://www.cadrescatalans.com/toulouse/article/accueil/cat_toulouse.php
  • www.lengadoc.eu/
  • http://www.lemoustier.com/
  • http://www.llanternadigital.cat/ - catalan
  • http://cluboccitanfreescale.free.fr/Oc/qual_sem.htm
  • http://www.caoc.cat/


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